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Fistula catheter - SP502 range

Fistula catheter

Why use Medikit catheter ?

Fluorine resin vascular access catheter for Haemodialysis

  • Less patient's discomfort

  • Less traumatic damage to vessel wall

  • Longer graft life

  • Ideal for restless patients by catheter softness

  • Ideal for patients with metallic allergy

Hemostasis valve at needle hub

  • Prevents blood leakage and contamination

Smooth transition of inner needle and catheter

  • Greater patient comfort

Fluorine resin catheter by one piece molding

  • Smooth flow and ample flux

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Ref : SP502 range
Reference Length Outer diameter Internal diameter
SP502-16.25 25 mm 14 Ga 16 Ga
SP502-16.33 33 mm
SP502-17.25 25 mm 15 Ga 17 Ga
SP502-17.33 33 mm
SP502-18.25 25 mm 16 Ga 18 Ga


  • Catheter - Lubricate Fluororesin
  • Needle - Stainless Steel
  • Luer Connection - PVC
  • Haemostatic valve - Polypropylene
Sterilization by Ethylene oxyde