Created 65 years ago, Bernas Medical has been initially involved in the XRay field (medical and industrial) which was well known of its founders Robert Bernas (1907-1985) – the author of many scientific patents relating to naval science and radiology- with his brother Raymond, of R. Bernas in 1949.


In 1967, the Industrial Division of the company was sold to CSF Thomson CGR and since 1969 under the leadership of its director Solomon Benzaquen, the company devoted its activities exclusively to the sole medical field through different distribution agreements of hi-tech medical equipments and products.

Dedicated to its customer’s satisfaction, Bernas Medical backs a long term relashionshio with its partners, suppliers and clients. We are strongly committed to our markets.

Pioneer in the Medical and Surgical Laser, BERNAS MEDICAL has been a key player in Surgical Laser in France for the last five decades with an installed base of more than 1,500 lasers. In 2024, BERNAS MEDICAL closed its Laser division and is now dedicated to developing its “Single Use” activity through its Specialties division. A partner of major international brands, the company has specialized for more than 40 years in the marketing of sterile products linked in particular to the Dialysis activity, catheters, needles, fixation systems, innovative dressings, etc.

A great knowledge of the medical sphere, adaptability constantly renewed to the specific requirements of the market, the exclusive collaboration with prestigious international partners have made Bernas medical, for several edcades, the preferred partner and rigorous medical world, teaching hospital or clinic.

Our organization is certified ISO 13485, it ensures the control of all our activities, distribution of medical and surgical equipment and devices on-site maintenance.

As part of our business, we also satisfy the requirements of the European Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.