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Fistula compression bandage


Elastic fistula compression bandage with high absorption tampon with 2 layers separated by a waterproof film and ending with a plaster to ensure the bandage to be keept in place.


Suggested for risk reducing haemorrage thanks to the continue compression on needle insertion points and acting as a protective barrier against infections. The biocompatible non-stick film on the tampon ensures a lesser adhesion on the injured skin and non traumatic peeling off.

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Reference Description Packaging
S0029 Sterile blister with 1 Betafix fistula bandage 400
S0030 Sterile blister with 2 Betafix fistula bandage 250
S0210 Blister with 2 fistula pad (diameter 2,6cm) 400

Elastic fistula bandage provided with a two layer highly absorbent pad and plaster for a better tightness.

  • Designed to stop bleeding and to reduce the haemorragic risk, thanks to the compression on the needles holes, and to work as a barrier against the risk of infection.

  • The non-adherent, biocompatible layer on the pad doesn’t stick to the skin and guarantees a non-traumatic removal.

  • The plaster helps to keep the pad in position.

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Haemostatic dressing post-dialysis


Haemostatic dressing post-dialysis for the arteriovenous fistula.

Emostant manual compression device especially designed to compress and reduce the bleeding time.

  • Easy to Use
  • Preserve the fistula
  • Biocompatible
  • Doesn't stick to the skin
  • Fewer rosk of bleeding after the dressing withdrawal
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References Diameter Thickness
S0210 2.6 cm 8 mm
S0211 3.5 cm 8 mm

Packaging : Box of 500 blisters containing 2 dressing.


  • Dressing made of Polyethylene viscose nonwoven and Polypropylene.
Sterilization by Gamma irradiation.