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Supercath Neo

Safety Fistula Catheter

Safety fistua catheter new generation !

Designed to Provide Effective Dialysis and Preserve Vascular Access.

Fully Encased Passive Safety Mechanism.

High Flow Rate :

  • Side holes on catheter allow optimal and smooth blood flow.

Implemented Technology Backed by 40+ Years Experience. 

No Extra User Training Required.

Better comfort for the patient :

  • Patients may move their arms during dialysis session.
  • Good alternative for patients with metal allergy.

Smaller sized needles can be used to minimize cannulation site trauma.

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References Catheter length (mm) Catheter Outer Diameter (mm) Catheter Inner Diameter (mm) Gauge of the Needle
SP802-14.25 25 2.10 (14G) 1.60 (16G) 16G
SP802-14.33 33 2.10 (14G) 1.60 (16G) 16G
SP802-15.25 25 1.93 (15G) 1.45 (17G) 17G
SP802-15.33 33 1.93 (15G) 1.45 (17G) 17G
SP802-16.25 25 1.73 (16G) 1.25 (18G) 18G

4 Side holes on catheter.

Packaging : Box of 50 Units.

Overpackaging : 1 000 Units (20 boxes).


Catheter - Polypropylene
Cannula sheath - Polyethylene
Connector - PVDC
Needle - Stainless Steel
Cap - Polypropylene
Adaptor - Polypropylene

Sterilization by electron beam.