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Short term haemodialysis catheter Amecath

Short term haemodialysis catheter double lumen

Catheter Features :

  • Step tip to guarantee maximum flow.

  • Soft material for patient comfort

  • Length marked.

  • Small rotating fixation wing.

  • Extension lines stand repeated clamping and declamping.

  • Multiple threads female luer end.

  • Injection caps.

  • Variety of sizes, lengths and shapes.

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Ref : SDLC range
Subclavian kit code Jugular kit code Jugular one side kit code Fr. Size Length
SDLC-1212-K SDLC-1212-KJ SDLC-1212-KJU 12 12 cm
SDLC-1215-K SDLC-1215-KJ SDLC-1215-KJU 15 cm
SDLC-1217-K SDLC-1217-KJ SDLC-1217-KJU 17 cm
SDLC-1220-K SDLC-1220-KJ SDLC-1220-KJU 20 cm
SDLC-1415-K SDLC-1415-KJ SDLC-1415-KJU 14 15 cm
SDLC-1417-K SDLC-1417-KJ SDLC-1417-KJU 17 cm
SDLC-1420-K SDLC-1420-KJ SDLC-1420-KJU 20 cm
SDLC-1430-K SDLC-1430-KJ SDLC-1430-KJU 30 cm

Kit Contains :

  • Soft step tip dual lumen Polyurethane Catheter.
  • Catheter stiffener.
  • J ended length marked 70cm Nitinol guide wire in scaled dispenser.
  • G18 7 Cm Introducer needle
  • 10 cc Syringe.
  • Vessel dilators.
  • Scalpel #11.
  • Injection Cap.
  • Guiding Y connection
  • Patient Identification sticker.
Sterilization by ethylene oxyde