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Buttonhole fistula needle

Buttonhole fistula needle with rotating wings

The gentle puncture

Besides the known advantages of the Bionic Fistula Needles, for example the unique design of the Bionic hub, the silicone coating, the low flow resistance and the slit-shaped back eye the Bionic Buttonhole Needle offers the perfect balance between a pointed and a blunt needle. The Bionic Buttonhole Needle which is especially developed for the Buttonhole Technique is a reasonable alternative particularly for home dialysis patients and patients who do self-puncturing.

The advantages at a glance:

– Functional design of the needle hub

– Rotating wings and coloured markers for the exact bevel positioning

– Colour coded light-weight clamps for safe handling

– Luer-Lock connector with a rough inner surface

– Reduced number of failed punctures

– Less pain experience

– Shortened bleeding time


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Dimensions Color Order code
Gauge Length (mmxmm)
16 Ga 1,6 x 20 mm Green 646-AGAM-BH / 646-VGAM-BH
1,6 x 25 mm 656-AGAM-BH / 656-VGAM-BH
15 Ga 1,8 x 20 mm Yellow 846-AGAM-BH / 846-VGAM-BH
1,8 x 25 mm 856-AGAM-BH / 856-VGAM-BH

A = arterial with back eye, red clamp 
V = venous without back eye, blue clamp
Tube length : 30cm
* Packaged in boxes of 50 needles


  • Cap – Polypropylene

  • Needle – Stainless steel

  • Hub – Polycarbonate

  • Rotating wings – Polyethylene

  • Tube - Polyvinylchloride

  • Clamp – Polypropylene

  • Luer-Lock connector – Polycarbonate


Latex Free

This product contains di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP).

Storing the product at a temperature between 5 ° C and 30 ° C and a relative air humidity between 20% and 80%. 

Bionic fistula needles are γ–sterilized