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Short term Pediatric Catheter

Short term Pediatric Central Venous Catheter

Catheter Amecath

Soft tip

Length marked

Small rotating fixation wing

Extension lines stand repeated clamping and declamping

Injection caps

Variety of sizes and lengths

Available in straight and jugular shape

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Size Length Straight Shape Jugular Shape
6F 8 cm DLC-0608-KP  
7F 10 cm DLC-0710-KP DLC-0710-KJP
7F 13 cm DLC-0713-KP DLC-0713-KJP
8F 10 cm DLC-0810-KP DLC-0810-KJP
8F 13 cm DLC-0813-KP DLC-0813-KJP
9F 10 cm DLC-0910-KP DLC-0910-KJP
9F 13 cm DLC-0913-KP DLC-0913-KJP

Packaging : Box of 5 blisters.

Composition of the kit & materials

Catheter - Cabothane

Clamp - Acetal

1x needle with echogenic tip - Stainless Steel

  • For the 6F catheter : Needle of 20G 4cm
  • For the catheter 7, 8 and 9F : Needle of 18G 5cm

1x Guide wire of 50 cm - Nitinol

  • For the catheter 6F : Guide wire of 0.022"
  • For the catheter 7F : Guide wire of 0.032"
  • For the catheter 8 and 9F : Guide wire of 0.035"

1x Syringe of 3cc - Polypropylene

1x Scalpel #11 - Stainless Steel

2x Dilators (single lumen)  - Polypropylene

  • For the 6F catheter : dilator of 5F 7cm and dilator of 6F 7cm
  • For the 7F catheter : dilator of 6F 7cm and dilator of 8F 7cm?
  • For the 8F catheter : dilator of 8F 7cm and dilator of 10F 7cm??
  • For the 9F catheter : dilator of 8F 7cm and dilator of 10F 7cm???

1x Y connector - Silicone/ Polycarbonate

Sterilization by Ethylene Oxyde.